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A luxurious lodge at the foot of Piz Forbesch

Between 900 mountain peaks, 600 lakes and 150 valleys of the Grisons Alps lies the historic Maiensäss village Radons. Just above it: its historic Berghuus - lovingly restored in 2020 and awakened to new life and unmistakable charm.
At home at 2,000 meters

At home at 2,000 meters

The history of the house goes back more than 80 years. Today's host, Fadri Arpagaus, runs his Berghuus and cooks himself, and has created an intimate, romantic domicile with a view of sweeping valleys and a magnificent summit panorama. If you appreciate unflustered luxury and the magic of unique natural spectacles, Berghuus Radons is the place for you.

A globetrotter

A globetrotter

It all began in 1989 in the Berghuus kitchen: six-year-old Fadri Arpagaus was still stirring his first polenta somewhat awkwardly, with the big wooden spoon. But he acquired a taste for it: years later, he moved to Bangkok and Canada as a sous-chef and chef and made himself indispensable as a private chef in Europe and the US.

Summer 2019, it is homesickness that draws him back to the mountains. In the same year, the Savognin native takes over the traditional Berghuus Radons and oversees its careful conversion into a beautiful luxury lodge. Since then, he leads and shapes the Berghuus with cordiality, passion and his exquisite taste.

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